Stand Out For The Right Reasons

Follicaide is the leading All Natural solution to revitalize hair and follicles at the very source. Designed and formulated to maximize color, thickness, and overall hair health for men and women. Powerful DHT Blocking formula help combat hairloss and restore growth

Spend More Time Being You

Stress and Fear can keep you from feeling like yourself and prevent you from engaging in the activities you love with the people you care about. Anxieteze is formulated to help reduce stress and anxiety using all natural ingredients to support healthy dopamine levels, promote a more related mood and increased neuropathic health. Get back to being you again!

Safe, Natural, Success

Everything we do at Indigo Essentials is based around helping people live their best lives. We can only do that by using All Natural and safe ingredients. We work hard to ensure only the purest ingredients go into all of our products. We use the best, so you can be your best!


Results Without Restrictions

Im on my second box, and I have to say of all the products of used this far, this one seems to be working the best.


I'm not sure exactly what the magic ingredient is here, but Follicaide seems to have found it.

Dewey B.

I feel more confident now which is great since i'm on video calls all day long

EJ Kropp